Saturday, 25 June 2016

Give Freedom, Lose control

Give them the direction & freedom, lose your control, grow their confidence, get things done, make yourself irrelevant, move on to the next role, what next.. Repeat!..


Assuming you have different kingdoms surrounding your country and you want to invade some territory, how do you choose the kingdom.

1. Area which can benefit you
2. Area with least resistance

Least resistance need not necessarily from small or weak player, it could be from large player who has become weak. Choose the right area before invasion, it will make your progress easy.

Well, its not so easy, what if all areas are of strong resistance and you are about to lose your area from invasion!

1. Defend what you have
2. Gain strength
3. Invade the weak among the strong

Same holds good in Marketing, at times we forget the basics and we remind ourselves on that..

Saturday, 18 June 2016


Colors of planets are thrilling, the beauty is the Jupiter, the milk, light & strong coffee mixture! Most of the natural objects are multi colored or different shades of the same color, time we bring in that into the objects that we use in our day to day life. Imagine a car painted like a Jupiter, there could be issues in repainting, but sure we can find solutions for those petty issues. Next time you see a sports utility vehicle, imagine if it looks like Mars, wont you feel that as Mars Rover! What about Neptune, Venus colored Laptops, Mobile phones, bedspread, pillow covers, cub boards, doors!!


Do what you wish

Read a HBR article about the missed opportunities, people repent so much before they die for what they have missed rather than what they have done, tried, suffered, failed. Very True, what's your wish, Do that today, no, ll do it by next month, next year!!..

Penny wise Pound foolish

This is a very old saying and everyone knows about it but still some organisations doesn't pay attention to this. There are various cost saving initiatives followed by an organisation and each of the initiative should be vetted by a senior management team before implementing the same.  Decentralizing this decision making will force the employees to look for short term gains and will cost a lot for the organisation. Check who is in charge of cost saving initiatives and put some control measures to really save the cost.

Thursday, 16 June 2016

A Donkey is a donkey is a donkey

How many times you relaunch,  rebrand, renovate, recycle, redesign, once perceived as donkey, it will remain so for ever. Nano will go the same way, however painful it is, Nano Twist earlier, Nano Electric tomorrow.

All of us have so many donkeys, accept the same as donkey, use it as donkey or dump the donkey. Do not try to make it a horse, it ll never be..

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Folding the universe

If you fold a paper into half 100 times, the thickness of the paper will cover the entire observable universe. Of course the reverse is also true!. If you cut the universe into half 100 times, its thickness will become just a piece of paper. And it has taken 13.7 billion years to have this size, roughly around 137 million years to double itself, painfully slow, isn't it..

Who said universe is so big, its just a piece of paper folded 100 times!!!

And thrilled with the power of doubling, just double what you want to do in a fixed interval. Double, the time of reading, blogging, Jogging, earnings, turnover, assets, happiness, sex!, over a fixed period of time, it can become as big as the universe!!

Sunday, 5 June 2016

Getting it done

We need people who get things done, people who focus on getting it done doesn't worry about what is in store for them and when someone come out of his personal bias he can get things done easily, sometimes giving credit to others and at times sacrificing themselves. We need more of them now!

Friday, 3 June 2016

Flipped Kart

There are various theories told about declining sales & valuation of Flipkart but one reason I could see is that they failed to enable the customers to choose the right products. In e commerce sites, the biggest challenge is to ensure quality & pricing of products where third party is producing/selling the products. Amazon overcome this challenge by forcing the customers to rate all the products they bought. It puts pressure on the seller to ensure quality & also it helps the customers to choose the right products based on customer feedback.

The last time I bought items in Flipkart is when I returned 3 of the 5 items I ordered and I am happy with all the products that I bought in Amazon based on customer rating. E commerce is here to stay, will become big and will create the organisation of the future, Flipkart need to just look for ways to serve the customers better, rest all just noise which they can ignore..

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

A Man of Principles

You don't take, don't give, don't allow anyone surrounding you to take, the biggest menace of this society, the Bribe.. That's the man of principles whom I know, died recently at the age of 66. Life was not so easy for him, he lived with all the repercussions of being honest but never compromised on his principles. He refused to pay Rs. 300 bribe for name transfer of his property and he filed a case which he won 23 years later, just 15 days before his death. This is what we call, somewhere someone, they live & die but their legacy, the principles inspire so many and will live in this world forever..