Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Make the world more Curved

Human body is one of the best designs in the Universe, perfected over millions of years and there are lot of things that we can learn from our body on design.. One thing which hurts me on design is those sharp edges, check your body, how many sharp edges do you have, nothing! everything curved, smoothened, only exception is our teeth. Look at the earth, Sun, Moon, Planets, Space everything curved, smoothened..

Look at the car tail lamps, most of them are of Polygon shape, having sharp edges.. Think of a Circle, Ellipse, Parabolic shaped tail lamps, won't that look nice.. A Ellipse shaped mirror will look great than a rectangular shaped one, think of curved dining table, TV, Laptops, Land-line Phones, Charger, Note books, bags, all those around you, won't that look nice when it's curved rather than a typical rectangular shape.. Off-course there are limitations, the surface area is lesser than that of a rectangle of similar size but in places where bigger surface area is not a concern or becomes an advantage, won't that look great.. So lets make the world more curved than what it is now..

Friday, 8 August 2014

Apple - Think Different

If there is one advertisement which we can watch 1000 times, its this!, Apple - Think Different Campaign

Mettur Dam

Love to hear the news that the Mettur dam which is the lifeline for thousands of people is fast reaching its full capacity, just curious to find the no. of days it will take to reach the full capacity and not more than 4 days at this level of inflow..

Mettur Dam, Tamilnadu, India          On 8th August          2014 at 10 PM
Current water level (Million Cubic Feet) 65800
Full Capacity Water level (Million Cubic Feet) 93400
Water Shortfall to reach full Capacity (Million Cubic Feet) 27600
Water In Flow (Cubic Feet per sec) 80000
Water In Flow (Cubic Feet per day) 6912000000
Water In Flow (Million Cubic Feet per day) 6912
Time Required to reach full capacity (in Days, assuming no outflow) 3.99

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Where are you?

Zoom out and see the bigger picture! Where are you on this Milky Way Galaxy?

Love what you do or Do what you Love

Recently saw a proverb which says "The only way to do great work is to love what you do". i deny! And the only way to do great work is to do what you love..

Check all those who left their legacy or changed the world, they did what they loved..

On Existence of God

It becomes irrelevant how much you are convinced on the non existence of God. The Human mind is so fragile that it needs the support of God at times and the invention of God has been good for the society than otherwise.. So God is there or not, it's going to exist forever and let it be!..