Monday, 28 April 2014

Supplementary for TED Talks!

Am becoming a Brand Ambassador for TED Talks, wanna put a supplementary guide for the talks!

Watch these videos..
Try something new for the next 30 days - Try one which you want to do and Try one more which your family wants you to do!
5 ways to listen better - Can you listen to silence and identify the patterns of Sound, looks like the old story of a prince who was sent to forest till he learns to listen to the deep sounds of the nature..
What do you learn from Far away galaxy clusters - The closer you look, the lesser you see, isn't it!. So zoom out and look far, far away..
Great Cars are Great Art - Love is not selfish! Design is not Engineering but Art..

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Ideas Worth Spreading - TED.COM

If you are looking for Quality content on Technology, Entertainment & Design and don't have much time for reading, watch TED.COM, spend 18 minutes a day which is the maximum time of a video..

It can change your life.. Some of the best content out of the few that i watched so far are

Power of Vulnerability by Brene Brown
My stroke of Insight
Where Google going next
Discovery that could rewrite physics
Questioning the universe
How to live before you die
and much more...

sure ideas worth spreading and i have done my part!

Friday, 11 April 2014

Whom do you vote for?

Whom do you vote for in the coming Lok Shaba Elections in India?

1. If you couldn't decide filter the options available..
2. Should we vote for Regional/Smaller parties for the Lok shoba elections even though they created Instability & Scams in the past. (Read Bimal Jalan Book on Emerging India). If Regional/Smaller parties wants to do something good for the state, let them do it by winning Assembly Elections.
3. If still not able to decide, think whom do you vote against rather than whom do you vote for. That will leave you with very few options
4. But never ever think of voting for a candidate just because he/she is winnable, your vote matters a lot even if your candidate loses.

Change Yourself

Never let your negative thoughts take away ur action
Start the day with something easy which then can give you momentum
But keep in mind First things first
Never postpone things even if it means perfection