Sunday, 1 January 2017

The end of human race

We always think of human disaster by aliens or comets from distant galaxy but a simple microbe can put an end to the human race. We hear a lot about evolution of bacteria against antibiotic drugs, mosquito's against repellent drugs. Same happened with humans, we evolved faster than any other animals, which took few million years and that was so fast in time scale of this planet and we rule this world.

One of the major reason for our faster evolution is our collective learning and its becoming better day by day because of the advancement in the technology. The learning of an individual in one part of the world is passed on to the whole world at the speed of light. So the only way someone can beat us is to evolve faster than our evolution and learn faster than our collective learning. Today most of the human death is caused by Mosquito which evolve just through reproduction. we are hearing about mutations of virus & bacteria in few hours or few months. The drug resistant genes are transmitted not just through reproduction but through lot many ways, making it easier for the new generation bacteria to become drug resistant, this is faster evolution due to faster learning which can become better. So the end of human race is going to be caused by a small microbe not a monster..


If Universe is expanding, what is it expanding into? If Black hole can explode, this Universe would have formed due to an explosion of a mammoth  black hole, so our universe was formed within a larger universe and there could be many such black hole explosion each creating a Universe by itself. So in nutshell, we are talking about millions, may be billions of Universes with a larger Universe which also could have been result of a black hole explosion inside an Universe. We have a long way to go..

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Office politics

Getting fed up with office politics, please look in to the mirror, you also play politics but you think you are not. First is to accept that, to play politics is human, everyone do. So don't take it more personally, just accept it, its common. Second the one who start politics are the one who is affected the most or fear the most. So you are in right track, keep going. Third, if you want to give it back, think, what kind of person are you, Do you enjoy fighting or you enjoy forgiving, choose the one which you love the most. I have seen many people who enjoy fighting, do it, if you are left only with that option and forgive if you love that the most. you are not going to lose anything, i can assure you, you will gain the most..

How strong is your team?

We always weaken our team by taking control of things, keeping important responsibilities & approvals at our end. The more we weaken our team, the more weak we become. Things get escalated to us very often and we become the front end team member. Make your team much more stronger by giving more controls and responsibilities, the more strong we will become.

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Exercise & Energy

How much energy do we waste on exercise, one we dissipate energy while doing exercise, two we consume electricity for exercising by means of equipment, Air conditioning, lights etc. What if we give back that same energy to planet everyday morning. Today we planted 100 trees in our community, around 50 people spent their energy, it was fun and a very good exercise too. And we can do normal domestic chores, cleaning, car wash as part of our exercise, imagine a billion people doing this everyday as part of their exercise. What if running on a mat or cycling generates & stores electricity, there are already equipment of that kind. How much energy can be generated from those who don't exercise, forget about the energy cost involved in medical problems for those who don't exercise.

We may not be able to do this all the time but even 10% useful energy dissipation can give lot more to this planet..

Monday, 11 July 2016

Breaking the wall

How often do we face a wall on our path and get struck for years together, its not necessary that we need to break the wall all the time, at times we need to jump over the wall, take a left or right turn and sometimes we can take a U turn to take a different route. Sticking on to the idea of breaking the wall may not work if you couldn't break it for a pretty long time.

Wall is just a metaphor for the barrier that we face to achieve our goals, checkout other new ways of reaching your goal and even your goals itself can be rechecked. Goals are not the destiny, a careful analysis of your destiny can change the goals itself and you can take a different route, you will be surprised, there could be no walls. We waste lot of time in trying to break the wall, worst preparing ourselves to break the wall, think again, you may just have to take a turn..

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Do the extreme

You are what you are and will always be and hence its very important that you do what you are not, to get used to things which you are not comfortable, which you feel is very messy, difficult, frustrating.. And when we are used to what we are not, we can face the world much more boldly, with lot of confidence. We don't get bogged down by those messy things, instead we get the courage to face it head on..

So what's your fear, what you don't like, what you think is messy, frustrating. Do the extreme for sometime, say you don't like confronting anyone, select one group and go head on. You don't like mingling with groups, take up something which you love where you need to meet lot of people, say social service. Do you find it difficult to keep your house clean, go for community cleaning, am sure things will change for ever. Are you afraid of heights, go trekking on a mountain.

We can live in fear for ever but do the extreme of the one which you wish to get rid of, say for a period of three months, am sure life will be lot better..