Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Know your priorities

The wonderful piece of advice that I got from my senior, "know your priorities"..

Once you have desired level of competencies, all that matters is to know your priorities and executing that based on the importance..

Do you go to your kids sports day or make arrangements for a chairman meeting. Do you focus completely on your month-end day sales follow up or take a break to go to your kids parents teachers meeting. How do you prioritize your day to day work and how do you decide what is important. How do you evade the silly urgent matters to the most important ones.

As we grow up, the tasks are plenty, time is limited and all that matters is to know your priorities..

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Value creation

Seen lot of people who work hard, travel a lot but add no real value. Whatever we do, check what's the value addition or creation, if not better do nothing. In organization we see lot of characters who add no value, no worries, move on, time ll take care of them..

Sunday, 7 January 2018

Just do what you are passionate about..

Vsauce Michael Stevens, just do what you are so passionate about, not what people want.. Do marketers have a message here!!

How do you spread curiosity about science?

Part of it is just being passionate about your topics. If I don’t care about a topic, I’m not going to make a video about it, because somebody else probably cares more about it, and they should. Instead I only cover what I am so excited about that, whether I make an episode or not, if you run into me on the street, I’m going to want to talk about it. That is really authentic. It’s what people demand now that they have so many choices, and that’s what makes it so contagious, that you see how real my passion is for it.



Never understood the clear meaning until Mr. Jaggi Vadudev explanation, Intuition is "higher levels of computing".

Wow, we derogate this intuition as just hunch, guess!.. If this is higher levels of computing, by the most powerful computer on Earth, then this is what we should teach children, teach in schools, colleges, organizations.

Legendary mathematician Ramanujam found the answer for partitions even before he proved it with theorem. There are so many intuitive scientists discoveries that are not taken seriously for want of proofs. Market research is mostly preferred than the advice of an intuitive marketing professional. Time that we value, teach and appreciate Intuition..

Monday, 1 January 2018


Boss should never

Take all credit for his team's work
Disparage or malign his team members
Play politics with his team

Thursday, 21 December 2017

Battles are internal not external

When we fight against competition and want to gain market share, the battles are won or lost internally and not externally. Don't get exhausted by the magnitude of internal challenges, it's the only thing that we need to manage..

Sunday, 26 November 2017

The safest place on Earth

It's not the country with closed boundary,  not the one with a strong intelligence network or police force and certainly not the one with a strong military defense. The safest place in the earth is the society which promotes democracy, tolerance, cultural, ethnic & religious diversity.

So the safest country on Earth is not USA or Australia or France, rather it's Cannada, India. As a citizen it's important that  we make our country safe and thinking of immigration, choose the right country.