Sunday, 26 November 2017

The safest place on Earth

It's not the country with closed boundary,  not the one with a strong intelligence network or police force and certainly not the one with a strong military defense. The safest place in the earth is the society which promotes democracy, tolerance, cultural, ethnic & religious diversity.

So the safest country on Earth is not USA or Australia or France, rather it's Cannada, India. As a citizen it's important that  we make our country safe and thinking of immigration, choose the right country.

Wednesday, 22 November 2017


Words of Mr. Prabir Jha, one cannot motivate a person, you can create an environment where the person or the team is motivated.

Monday, 23 October 2017

Ride on fastest horse!

Everyone wants to ride on fastest horse, yes, betting on that will yield better results. The horse is faster because of it's internal motivation and it's boss felt that he should add value to make it much it more faster so that he could take all that pride. He came out with beautiful strategies to make it run much more faster, brought every move under his control and the horse became fit to run faster than ever. The horse was ready for the final race and the horse didn't move, the boss never understood that it's not the strategies which make the horse to run faster but the freedom to live it's life.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Life in the Universe

We are all made of star dust and our life born out of a chemical reaction. What happened in earth should be happening elsewhere in the universe but we haven't heard anything so far. These are the possibilities.

1. The possibility of earth being the only place which can foster life out of billions of galaxies is absolutely nil. What happens in earth could happen elsewhere, it's simple physics.

2. Life & death happens so fast that there couldn't be any advanced civilisations. In that case our death is imminent.

3. Life is there everywhere, only we haven't heard or seen anything. Most of the planets gives rise to low level species due to their inhospitable conditions and the advanced civilisations are far apart that they can't reach so easily

4. The speed of destruction is faster than the speed of exploration. In another 4 billion years milky way is going to collide with Andromeda galaxy and all the advanced civilisations which cannot explore beyond these galaxies are going to get struck in this destruction.

5. Huge communication gap between different civilisations in different galaxies. We are talking about radio waves, one million years down the line, it ll be absolutely different one which we may not be able to understand today.

But one thing is certain, life exists everywhere and we just need to explore further..

Human population

I used to think that the growth of human population as a huge problem. We are growing pretty fast, becoming more congested, exploiting the valuable resources and making this earth worse. But looking at the solar system, galaxies, we understand that we are incredibly small and there is a whole universe out there, we haven't heard from anyone so far in billions of galaxies, sure there is no advanced civilisations in solar system and just a few billion people in earth.

And looking back, every revolution has born out of the exponential growth of human population. Imagine, we are only thousands in earth, we must still be living in forests. The explosive growth in human population lead to the agricultural revolution, industrial revolution, then the information revolution and the space exploration. The quest for exploration comes with the scarcity of resources due to population growth and that's the only way the human species can explore beyond where they are. We have just another 4 billion years left to move out of milky way and Andromeda galaxy which is 1 lac light years and 1.4 lacs light years in diameter respectively, huge distance to explore..

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Do Nothing

At times it's better to do nothing

When your..

Wife scolds
Kids shout/fight/play/cry
Friend ridicules
Team is motivated enough to perform
Team delivers what is expected

Monday, 16 October 2017

Worst of its kind

The worst thing that a manager can do is to take credit for his subordinate work. Credit is like happiness, it can be shared across thousands of team members and boss always has the right to take the credit of his team's work but depriving a  team member of the credit he deserves, is the worst of a manager. In fact he doesn't deserve to be a manager.

And the best thing that a manager can do is to give credit to his team for all that he has done. It raises the performance of the team multifold and gives back more credit to all the team members and takes the manager to a much higher level. So pass on all that you have and have all praise for your team in front of others, you will be surprised to see all that comes back to you multifold.